What GOV.UK Digital Service Platform offers

Your users can complete a form, send you information, pay for things and receive notifications with GOV.UK Digital Service Platform. It's low cost, easy to set up and has accessibility built in from the start.

You can use one, some, or all of the digital tools to support your service.

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Build a form

GOV.UK Forms is a new platform that makes it easy to create accessible online forms for GOV.UK.

Find out more about GOV.UK Forms

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Take payments

Use GOV.UK Pay and be ready to take online payments in minutes. Take payments, issue refunds and run reports on all your payments.

Take payments with GOV.UK Pay

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Send your users email, text messages or letters

Send your users emails, text messages and letters - cheaply and easily.

Send a message with GOV.UK Notify

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Create interactive prototypes

The GOV.UK Prototype Kit provides a simple way to make interactive prototypes that look like pages on GOV.UK. These prototypes can be used to show ideas to people you work with, and to do user research.

Create a new prototype

Why use GOV.UK Digital Service Platform

GOV.UK Digital Service Platform is provided by the Government Digital Service (GDS).

No procurement

As a Government owned product, there is no need for lengthy times procuring us as a supplier

No code

All our tools offer solutions that can be implemented with no technical knowledge

Low cost

Our tools are competitively priced against other software on the market


All our tools are fully accessible for both civil servants and end users

Trusted experience

Put your users at ease with government branded comms and familiar GOV.UK styles

Test before you launch

Quickly test your ideas for your service before you build it, saving time and money and reducing risk

Get started with our resources and guidance to help plan your own service transformation

Design principles

Principles to help guide teams creating government services

Service manual

Guidance on accessibility and assisted digital, agile delivery, design, measuring success, user research and more

Over 1500 organisations are using GOV.UK Digital Service Platform

Widely used across government, local authorities and police forces.

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Featured from the GDS blog

A graph showing the number of services and organisations using GOV.UK Notify growing each year, from 2016 onwards, with the number of services growing especially quickly in early 2020. Exact numbers are available in a table in the body of the blog post.

Notify’s product strategy and upcoming features

Outlining our three goals to ensure we continue to offer a great product for the best value for money.

A form called 'Amend my claim for holiday pay accrued' has been completed with answers for a full name and claim reference or National Insurance number supplied, which need to be checked before submitting.

Making it easy to create and publish digital forms on GOV.UK

Read about our partnership with the Insolvency Service to build the first form using GOV⁠.⁠UK Forms and why we’re creating an online form builder for government.

A graphic that illustrates a user journey that starts and ends on GOV.UK, but takes the user through other Government Services, at which point GDS loses visibility because the data is managed by other data controllers.

The Single Data Environment: joined-up digital analytics

How GDS plans to unlock actionable insights through end-to-end visibility of whole user journeys, ultimately enabling better data-driven decisions.

Public services fit for the modern age

In the digital age, citizens expect public services to “just work”. Using GOV.UK Digital Service Platform helps your organisation build services that are easy to use, efficient and save the public money.

Person viewing GOV.UK Sign In product website page on a laptop
Person viewing GOV.UK Sign In product website page on a laptop

Making it easier to design and build public services

Many of GDS’s tools need little or no technical expertise to implement successfully in your organisation. We want all of the public sector to be able to create effective, modern services.

Advanced implementation for development teams

GDS tools are built to be interoperable and can communicate with existing systems. There is plenty of support and high quality documentation from our technical teams.

A screen grab of the prototype kit in use, showing a live prototype and a coding window to the right.